Sheryn Montoya designer and owner

Bright Eye Creations is the brainchild of someone with a head in the clouds and a mind full of visions. With a passionate eye for design and a love for Christ, I want to use my gifts to help Christians express their faith through custom-designed apparel. I noticed a gap in the market with only a few graphic apparel Christian businesses, and decided to create a family-friendly place where people can share their love for self-expression and Christ.

 My Story: 


After marrying a Marine and leaving my home in Colorado, I moved to California with my husband. During our 8 years there, I faced many challenges that military spouses often encounter. The most difficult one was figuring out how to pursue my dreams while living in a state of uncertainty due to military life. Despite several failed attempts at entrepreneurship and some tough times, I never gave up. In 2021, my husband and I moved back to Colorado Springs, and he transitioned from the Marine Corps to the Army Reserve. We both found ourselves struggling to figure out what our next chapter would be. However, during this time, God gave me a vision and a desire to use my talents to build a business that would put Him at the forefront. As I pursued this dream, God brought people into my life who guided, coached, and encouraged me when I needed it the most. Thus, Bright Eye Creations was born - a Christian business that continues to evolve, with God leading the way. I hope that you enjoy what you see here, find inspiration to share your faith, and perhaps discover something that will brighten your wardrobe.